Planning processes can be complex, including research into the best gear & what to take, especially when camping; all the up-front processes can be time-consuming. Sometimes it helps to sit down and talk through ideas with somebody impartial, providing further ideas and inspiration. We love getting the maps out to help 'steer' fellow adventurers, discovering the best routes for their next journey.


Planning a trip? Whether it's for a day, a weekend, or more of an adventure, we're here to help ensure your experience is a good way!


We perform the lion's share of any research, where possible suggesting routes we have tested ourselves.


Creating routes that are based upon your personal goals & preferences in terms of accommodation, distances per day and places along the way to visit.


Whether it's the best style of luggage for the journey and bike; equipment or clothing for the road; the best tents or gear if your planning to camp, we've tried it all!


Happy to pass on our experience and recommendations, share our personal preferences with you, or to warn you away from some of the mistakes we've made over the years.

All queries welcome - give us a shout if we can help - let us know what's worked for you in the past, or what you may be considering now.


Join us on one of our own adventures or alternatively, why not hire us as guides - as a Location Manager, JP is expert at finding great routes and destinations.

We're not 'lost' that often and our Moto remains.. when nothing goes right, you simply go left!

Our aim is to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience, one where you focus on your journey, rather than the organising & logistics - we're here to take away any hassle.