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Combined, we've over sixty years experience working in the movie industry; we've applied our knowledge to some of the latest gear available for filming 'from the saddle' ... from the latest GoPros, capturing the best video from an SLR or drone ... we're combining our two passions, providing fellow bikers and corporate clients tips we've learned, as well as the chance to produce personalised showreels of their own.


We've all got the GoPros, SLRs, Mavic Drones and 360 Mini Cams...some of us may even know how to put them to good use... all too often though, we record the same angle, with endless footage of the same perspective.

Let us help bring things into focus, passing on our own experiences, in the choice of equipment, camera mounts and technology solutions. 

Not forgetting the storage, physical and virtual - we can advise on motorcycle carrying solutions, options for weather-proofing, hard drives, the benefits of laptops versus tablets, how to start processing or uploading whilst you're away.


Corporate enquiries and individuals always welcome, whether for showreels of specific bikes, riders, or to capture a specific event or location, we can tailor a competitive package to meet your requirements.


There's a reason that filming requires the collaboration of a crew; and if you're after a bespoke promo reel, with others looking after the logistics, get in touch!

We work closely, to understand your thoughts and requirements; suggesting locations and shot lists - when we've agreed dates and schedules, we provide the people and equipment for the entire production - from prep, to filming, to post-production, editing the final cut!


Do you have countless hours of your own footage, without the time, patience or software to piece together that simple film you wanted for Social Media?

We've a range of 'cutting room' experts who have been producing showreels for over 10 years, '... utilising all the latest professional software including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and Lumafusion, we can take care of the work for you.

Let us know what you're after and we'll discuss affordable solutions, for getting your project edited. We can 'rough cut', incorporating your imagined titles and transitions, before bringing you into the edit to give the final approvals.

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