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An Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, JP runs day long 'ride-out' courses on photography, sharing the ways to approach photography from a motorcycle while away on an adventure. Passing on advice around the gear he carries, what to consider, as well as techniques to consider, workflow and processing when on the road. Guiding fellow bikers, increasing their knowledge and skillset in the operation of their own cameras and kit, to capture those great moments.


Documentary Photo & Film


We've shot with a range of equipment, from film to digitals, Leicas, Nikon, Pentax, DJI, GoPros & Sony... often, a iPhone may be the camera you have with you!


Temptation is to take every lens available, along with all the peripherals you can afford. Sometimes, simple is best. Consideration for ease of use and accessibility, to get the shot!


Join us on one of our Ride-Out Camera & Film workshops, to discuss the basics, your own kit and requirements. Our aim is to avoid regrets., to ensure you don't purchase any unnecessary and expensive gear!


Documentary Basics - Getting off 'auto'

Even if you have an eye for the perfect frame, we've all struggled from time to time, over what is the best shutter speed, depth of field, or sensor sensitivity in low light...


Combine the passion for motorcycles & documentary photography & film, on a photo ride-out - an opportunity to enjoy and experiment with your camera techniques in a group with like-minded bikers, on some great roads, visiting great locations.

We'll be on hand throughout to help you master your own cameras, step-by-step; working out the best functions for your style and approach; to capture the best shots on future adventures and trips.


Intermediate Photography Skills

Photography and film are visual languages - it is important to understand when and how to effectively capture shots or scenes that express the moment, or location.

Our aim is to help you understand the importance of decision making when composing a frame, how this can have a real effect upon what your shots can communicate.

As well as discussing how you approach each subject, we develop ideas around workflows for photographing 'on the road', keeping your kit safe, backing up your data, as well as starting processing when away 'in the field'.

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