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A birthday present from PP - myrouteapp

As the blurb says, a "comprehensive and easy to understand route editor that operates via the cloud. As a result, users never have to worry about losing their routes. Everything is online."

Using the route editor, it's pretty simple to create unique routes for riding, possible to switch between Google Maps, Garmin and Tom-Tom in a variety of map, hybrid and satellite views. All the usual features such as disabling winter closers and tolls, etc, are easy to switch on and off.

There's no doubt that beats any proprietary software such as Basecamp. It's really easy to navigate and amend, returning to the last saved work whenever you reopen or log-in form a different device or machine. Equally easy to view plans and routes on the mobile app.

Exporting to satellite navigation devices is really straightforward with the Connector App on the Mac. Creating a 'track' on our Garmins, you then convert to a trip and you're set to go! You can download your route in other known formats to keep compatibility with different devices. Sharing routes between friends enables others to download the same tracks and trips remotely, saving time in syncing devices on the road.

A really worthwhile subscription, whilst there remain a number of tweaks that could improve the system - the inclusion of waypoints in the downloaded tracks, etc., it remains easy to use and a versatile tool!

Having tracked our entire 17 day adventure to Nord Kapp, we'll report any issues we discover upon our return!

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