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Pre-Flight Checks

New 'boots' installed on Tuesday with a scrub-in today - 180 miles round trip to Lutterworth, taking the edge off before the bikes are loaded for the off.  Had a little while longer to wait for the tyres than imagined, as the rear was on a same-day courier service.  So far so good and they seem suitably sticky.

Trial running the Airhawk, it became apparent that my two-year old Touratech seat (all in one) was NFG.  Fins that secure the rear pillion section in place have both now snapped and it fails to lock into place...  Not necessarily the best time to be 'seatless', it's back to BMW; Bahnstormer luckily have a low rider version in stock - works really well with the increased height from the Airhawk and surprisingly comfy.

Tracks and trips now uploaded to both our Sat's a weekend of prepping, cleaning the bikes and starting to load them up before setting off this Friday the 30th :-)

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