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UK - Uden, Netherlands

 Bikes prepped and ready for the 'off' at 08h45!

It was great that someone had the foresight to organise 55 Harleys to accompany us onto the Eurotunnnel; eat your heart out Charlie and Ewan 😉...only trouble was that there so many bikes limited the space for us!!  Fortunately a quick zip along the platform to the freight compartment ensured we still caught the same crossing!

Riding through Belgium is pretty mundane...a means to an end...finally slipping across the border to the Netherlands and on to an amazing welcome from Fred & Brigitte.  

A great meal if ribs and potatoes before heading out to feed the horses, pet the pot bellied pigs and check out the amazing out houses and numerous toys.  F&Bs two girls, Alice and Sandy, a testament to such a great home. Catching up over the camcorder movies of our time in Canada brought back many happy memories.

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