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Slöinge, Sweden - Seljord, Noway...then extending onto Lysebotn...

Crazy windy over night, Eddy said that winds like this are only common in the autumn.

Not letting up in the morning, the ride up to the Norwegian border was a little hairy across the bridges. Weather settling down before the border, we had a pleasant half hour crossing on the ferry just after midday.

Making good progress and with the sun shining (25 degrees and blue skies for a change) we made the decision to keep riding into the evening, towards Lysebotn...putting us ahead of schedule tomorrow morning... so many ways, the skies opened; we were drenched riding in temperatures of 3 above zero, over passes with snow either side of us. Frozen and tired, we kept going along the single track roads, down into a valley where it was tempting to pitch in the 10 degree warmth.

Kept riding and finally made to the hairpin decent into Lysebotn. Having ridden 550 miles, over 11 hours in the saddle, we managed to pitch the tents in time to make the bar for some food before bed! ... I guess at least we're 150 miles ahead of schedule?!?

Most amazing waterfalls also!!

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