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Lysebotn, Noway - Voss, Norway

Not a great night's sleep with car doors banging from 04h00, the start to the day became even more frustrating with a rip in my tent!? Good we brought tool kits and a little gorilla tape should keep the bugs out and see the tent last the rest of the trip!

Ahead of schedule and starting in Lysebotn we enjoyed the hairpins in reverse, heading up several thousand feet in minutes. Norway is full of high plateaus; whilst not as cold and wet as yesterday's ride, it's chilly despite some sunshine ...heated grips are a must!

So many curves at times makes slow progress and we may have some very long days ahead. We're still a little ahead of Schedule and made it past Odda and Voss, around two hours less to ride tomorrow.

Odda's a pretty town set at one end of an enourmous lake. At the other, an amazing suspension bridge and series of immense tunnels with roundabouts inside them - some of them longer than 8k.

A great stretch of 'off-road' where the road's being resurfaced...a good 10k with which to test the tyres out properly. The bikes and gear are covered in dust and whilst we're not too fussed, you have to feel for the locals with nicer cars!

Waterfalls to the south are a tourist trap and whilst we didn't make it to the glacier as planned, the glimpse between the mountains was impressive.

Finding a great campsite off the main drag, whilst it's a little noisy, the view from the bedroom is fantastic.

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