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Andalsnes, Norway - Grane, Norway

A perfect still and sunny morning today made for a great early morning ride over the Atlantic Coast Road.  Whilst it's only a short stretch, the scenery is stunning, the Atlantic Ocean stretching out to the west across a handful of rocks, mountains across lagoons to the East.

More tunnels (including the impressive new Coast Tunnel, under the sea), a longer fjord ferry, and we were on our way towards Trondheim.

More industrial than the south, surrounding areas of Trondheim are built up; factories, stores, a town called Hell with the airport, oil rig construction in one of the bays. Noticeably populous, there's a lot more traffic than we've been getting used to...though at least we found some 'fast' 90 kph stretches of road?!

Eventually giving way to calmer rural countryside, central Norway is just as beautiful as the south...different, less mountainess, hills are gentler and the surrounding slopes more agricultural.  Still plenty of lakes and forests to either side.

We haven't quite made it to Grane...after 350 miles we've stopped short of our original wild camping target.  After a sunny and comparatively warm morning (around 16 degrees) the clouds rolled in and dusted us off with a couple of showers. Starting to dry out, some ominous clouds in the distance weren't enticing, together with the promise of 5 degree temperatures overnight again, my preference was to stop short of our target, pitch in the dry, grab a bite and shower before an early night.

Note to those camping in Norway...the temperatures don't fall away until around 2am; when they do so, it's a sharp change and catches you off guard. Important to have extra layers close to hand!  

As an aside, the selection of foods isn't great either; at least not in supermarkets close to the main roads, it may be different in the towns themselves?!

Opting for a pleasant campground in Harran, we're around 300 miles from Bodo and the late PM ferry to Moskenes tomorrow - the push to the Lofoten Islands!

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