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Grane, Norway - Moskenes, Lofoten Islands

Catching the ferry form Bodo across the Atlantic...(edit) the Arctic Ocean!

Coping pretty well with the 24 hr daylight; less so with the temperatures at night. Dropping to 3 degrees overnight, it was hard to get sufficiently cosy at 03h00, to fully get back to sleep. Resigned to fate, started packing everything down at 05h00...PP stirred at 06h15 just as the coffee had brewed and we hit the trail at 07h15.

Still chilly, the cold was compensated for by the clear skies, sunshine and lack of any traffic until at least 09h00. With 350 miles to Bodo, we crossed into Nordland after an hour or so, scenery much the same as yesterday - forests, lakes and snow capped hills either side.

A little bit of a mission to make the ferry across to Lofoten, we barely stopped all morning, clocking up the miles, bit by bit, to Mo I Rana. Steadily clouding over we started to climb and the temperatures dropped once more - time to layer up...and just in time as soon it was down to 8 degrees (before the wind chill of the bike)!

The scenery rapidly changed and then we finally reached the plateau at which point we crossed into the Arctic!

Far more barren and remote than anything I've experienced, the sheer scale is staggering when compared to Exmoor or Dartmoor. Keen to make time we descended to the valley floor and things soon brighter up, physically and metaphorically. Passing a meltwater river we finally paused for a coffee.

Another 100 miles to cover, this was easier in the sunshine. PP's sat nav switched to night mode and nearly got us lost in the roadworks; I jumped in front and steered us into the terminal. Arriving at Bodo just in time to sneak on the 16h00 crossing.

Bye mainland Norway...for now! We'll sort our Moskenes accommodation upon arrival in Moskenes. Weather looks promising for our ride across the islands tomorrow!

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