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Moskenes, Lofoten Islands - Stromskroken, Norway

Wow! Amazing Islands, all joined via a series of extensive Norwegian engineered tunnels and bridges.

Last night, the campsite was all of 100 meters from the ferry quay. Lots of walkers and holidaymakers already pitched, we found a spot just large enough for both tents and bikes, before a quick coffee and early night. Gettting up early, as has become the routine, we made a start before there was any sign of life; clear winding roads for the first hour, landscapes plentiful in every direction.

The southern, Moskenes, end of the island is the most picturesque, each harbour with its own little fishing community...every boat a working vessel. Pictures speak far louder than words!

Heading northwards, inch by inch, the picturesque inlets and villages give way to more sparsely populated Arctic roads. Not quite tundra yet, the backdrop is nonetheless fairly unexciting in comparison to the fjords and Lofoten isles; whilst less magnificent, there are still mountains, valleys, smaller cascading waterfalls, streams and lakes on either side.

We have resigned ourselves to a break from camping when we reach Alta; assuming available we'll be spending both nights in a cabin, either side of the Nordkapp ride.

Quietly both contemplating a further cabin this evening, this afternoon turned out comparatively warm - 15 degrees - set to stay mild overnight. We bit the bullet and have elected to wild camp, as promised!

Spotting a potential site, up a track away from the main route, we stopped on the hillside to scout a suitable spot. Trouble was that I'd stopped the bike with too much ground clearance either side in the rut...unsuccessful at hill starting first time, I had to lay the bike on its side (though for the first time this trip)...just down this hill!..

...easy enough to pick up with the two of us, on the second attempt I charged up the hill. Given we're both fully laden, we're coping well!?!

With such an ambitious schedule ahead of us, this may likely to be our only exploration into the wilds...starting to prep the fire whilst writing and we've bought a few provisions to eat ahead of bed.

Having already passed Stromskroken, assuming we make another early start, we're hoping to arrive in Alta at a respectable time; early PM tomorrow...planning an afternoon off the bikes, to allow for some kit washing and resetting all the gear before Norkapp on Monday!

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