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Stromskroken, Norway - Alta, Norway

Have arrived in Alta...have seen our first reindeer, though no Rudolph as yet...

...making an early start, we'd pretty much packed up camp by 07h00. A surprisingly good night's sleep (not too cold) leading to an all round successful wild camp!  Above the lake, our view of the mountains opposite.

Checking the fire was completely out, there were a few spots of rain whilst taking down the tents; a little drizzly as we set off, though not for long. Coffee on a Sunday morning is hard to come by and we road around the fjord for a good hour before stopping in earnest.

Mile upon mile, circumnavigating the coastline heading North, all the Arctic fjords are impressively large, the morning light making for great photo opportunities.

Passing a hotel, we stopped for a coffee before trekking on for another hour and a half.  

Amazingly as we started to climb the next pass, the temperature suddenly rose 7 degrees to around it has stayed pretty much constant, as far as Alta.

Hopeful there'll be other opportunities to photograph some reindeer, our first furry friends were quickly out of range! At the top of the pass, more stunning vistas.

By Norwegian standards, there are still lots of hamlets and villages, most fishing orientated, lots of properties sporting skidoos as well as cars.

Rolling into Alta a little after midday, we've secured a great cabin with it's own 'much needed' shower.  A little luxury for a couple of nights and a chance to reset before the journey home.

Limited shopping on a Sunday, we're once again limited to fuel stations in terms of food; we popped out to refuel and buy some provisions, before doing a full wash (clothes and ourselves), some basic bike checks and visor cleaning...unfortunately during the latter process, managing to bust my pinolck mechanism on the smoke shield. Not the first time and a known fault, will see how I get on - can always switch to the spare clear visor if the temperatures plummet.  

Ready for Nordkapp tomorrow... 

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