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A day round trip, along the most northerly road in the look out across the Arctic Ocean!!

Having agreed to leave at 07h00 we both got a good night's rest, despite the midnight sun and the heat we're unaccustomed to!  Cabin is great, with one bedroom, another sofabed in the lounge, a little kitchenette and a shower that's free!

Both ready at 06h50, we headed out of Alta, back onto the E6 and into the hills along some curvey roads.  The temperature first thing was already up at around 16 / 17 celsius, a little cooler when we made it to the pass over to Olderfjord.  

Filming a couple of clips of the long tundra roads, we quickly spotted reindeer, a herd crossing right in front of our path.  We have now met Rudolph, though his exact location is only on a need to know basis!!

Following the path of an ever enlarging melt water river, we take in a few more twists and turns, down to Olderfjord itself, picking up the east coast road of the peninsula.

Keen to make Nordkapp in good time, we decided to save further photos for the return trip.  All the way up, there are small towns and communities; amazing that people still live in such a wild landscape, alongside a turbulent shoreline.  Winding our way along the coast road, the rock formations would send a geologist into a spin.  

Through another set of tunnels, the first was very dank and dropped to 7 degrees, the third took us 6k along beneath the ocean (our longest so far is 24.5k...back in southern Norway, one with roundabouts inside!).  

It's only when riding over the passes in Nordkapp Commune that you get a sense of the cross winds, changing direction on a dime, requiring us to keep our wits about us.  Starting the final assault on the cape, more reindeer spread out either side, including some very cute calves and the odd solitary bull.

Along the last stretch of road, we finally arrive...we've travelled 3,200 miles from the UK to the point beyond which there are no more roads... Looking out across the Arctic, the North Pole is around 1,300 miles further, the next land mass, Alaska.

Pausing, to take in the achievement, grab a coffee and look around the very expensive gift shop, we meet the first Brit since leaving Denmark, another biker!?!

Now's the opportunity to capture some of the scenery we witnessed on the way up...stopping for a quick sandwich at the end of the Coast Road after snapping all the way down.

Heading back over the pass from Olderfjord, we hit a windy and wet squall, before dropping down into the warmth of Alta; grabbing some salad from a Co-op to compliment tonight's pizza, fueling the bikes for tomorrow morning. 

We can now start to consider the journey ahead of us; five 400 mile days, through Lapland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands...

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