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Burea, Sweden - Soderhamn, Sweden...what the hell...let's ride over 600 miles to Linkoping?!

I feel that today's post may disappoint in more ways than one: firstly, there are no photographs, secondly, there are no wonderful stories to tell of the journey; thirdly (and worst of all), we have checked into a hotel and are not camping!

Our reason may be that we have spent the past 12 hours on the E4 motorway, making steady progress down to the south of Sweden. All in all we've covered 588 miles today, 1,045 in the last 36 hours! Having kept the mosquitos at bay overnight, the little blighters were out in full force as we packed down the tents this morning. Both starting early, we were on the road by 05h45, heading southwards. The weather was mixed, grey and overcast, initially dry and about 15°C. Over the course of today, we experienced every other weather, except snow. The heavens opened around Sundsvall and we got absolutely drenched, temperatures dropping to around 11°C. After this the sky brightened, the sun came out and all the way down as far as Stockholm and beyond, we had blue skies with a few white fluffy clouds. Temperatures eventually rose to 24°C. Naturally, it's frowned upon to pull up and take photographs at the side of the motorway, so we battled on, enjoying the different landscapes and countryside that Sweden has to offer. Some amazing coastal bays north and south of Sundsvall; in contrast to Norway, all of the boats are for pleasure, rather than trade. Slightly, more agricultural the father south you travel, Sweden remains neat and tidy, extremely green in every direction... small wonder, with the amount of rain that descended upon us as far as Stockholm. We only saw the capital itself from the motorway, though it looks to incorporate some fantastic sights, as well as and amazing harbour, with sailboats out, enjoying the strong winds. We've travelled a further 150 miles on to Linkoping; here we have pulled off and checked into our hotel. Heading out for a bite to eat shortly, it appears that there's a cathedral and an old quarter; from token signs on the way into the city (aeroplanes and a conference centre by the same name) the birthplace of Saab.

Our intentions are honourable; from here we are hoping to avoid some of the motorways originally planned... 300 miles ahead of schedule, we are planning to travel along back roads as far as Malmo tomorrow; making a break across Denmark to Maribo, where we had our first camp on the way north. Putting us ahead of schedule for an earlier ferry on Friday morning, we are hoping to get farther than Bremen in Germany, along a similar non-motorway route. This will then enable a shorter ride to Ghent, in Belgium, where we are spending our final night on Saturday.

A couple of shots from Linkoping...

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