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Linkoping, Sweden - Maribo, Denmark

Our planned route, above, can be more or less entirely ignored, as more relevant to much of that we covered yesterday. After a lovely meal last night in Linkoping, a relatively early night and a good sleep in our hotel. Meeting for a leisurely, inclusive breakfast, we were back on the bikes by around 07h45 and heading southwards, via Vaxjo, along route 23, towards Malmö in southern Sweden.

Barley and wheat fields every so often, in pastures cut out from the endless pine forests. One thing that is striking in the landscape, are the quantity of boulders, some as large as houses. All of the usable farmland has had these rocks and boulders cleared, often stacked in piles around the various properties and farms.

More lakes either side, every so often, some of them immense. Riding parallel to a railway track as far as Vaxjo, we soak in some of the rural landscapes of Sweden; not really having had the opportunity to enjoy them yesterday.

Our road quickens down towards Malmö. Flocks of starlings and oddly, a single field of Stalks?! After a brief stop, cutting back onto the motorway we head towards 'The Bridge', onwards towards Copenhagen and Denmark. Sticking to the motorway, we head for Maribo, Rodby, the campsite where we stayed on our second night.

Refreshing to pull in at a respectable hour around 16h00, we find the campsite three times as busy as our last visit. The holiday season is in full swing, as is a jazz festival in the town this week. Pitched and chilling, about to have some supper, our plan for tomorrow is to catch an early ferry back across to Puttgarden, Germany, then onwards to Munster, via Hamburg.

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