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Maribo, Denmark - Munster, Germany

Continuing the trend, we've now past our original Heidenau camp and have found a spot nearer to Munster; a little place called Lengerich.

A slightly more leisurely start, we had a coffee at 07h30, after striking the tents, setting off for RodbyHaven at 08h00. Caught the 08h45 ferry across to Puttgarden and said goodbye to Scandinavia, for now!!

We continued along the Autobahns past Hamburg, passing Pelzerhaken?! Here we pulled off and switched to long straight tree lined avenue roads, trying to avoid the motorways all the way. Stopping for a coffee at a garage, we tried helping a Dame in distress; a fellow female rider with a flat front tyre. We pulled out one of the pumps, though it want strong enough to reset the bead...a gas canister worked, though it then became evident that the valve was faulty. She was very appreciative of our attempts and waved us a fond farewell when we set off again.

Unfortunately it's Friday and everyone else seemed to have the same idea of avoiding contra-flow after contra-flow. Frustrated in traffic, we bit the bullet, rejoining the god forsaken autobahns, sweltering in 24degree traffic jams! At around 16h00 we pulled off for a coffee and refuel and have taken the executive decision that tonight's to be our last camp. SC has booked himself a hotel in Ghent already and we've decided to join him. A quick call to the lovely Ley and all sorted.

A lake through the trees, tonight's camp is the most level and manicured we've experienced. It's also the wettest...the heavens have thrown everything at us, though thankfully camp was set up!

There's a traditional German restaurant nearby that we're trying this evening...finally a Wiener Schnitzel. We've a lighter 360k tomorrow, into Ghent, our final night away before returning to the UK via the tunnel late Sunday morning.

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