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Munster, Germany - Ghent, Belgium

A last night away...joined by SC for some Ribs in Ghent!

A half day doesn't feel quite right after such a mammoth journey!

Whilst the campsite was very pleasant and ordered in a Germanic way, we encountered some pretty noisy neighbours...a group of around twelve, twenty somethings, 30 feet away, with a small marquee, having their own mini rave.

I'm fortunate enough to sleep through most things, though PP finally got fed up and complained at 00h15; finally the music stopped. Commotion and car lights switched on and off until around 04h00, nonetheless.

On a more pleasant note we had some welcome visitors first thing:

Not the freshest of daisies, we were still up, struck and packed away by 08h30. Joining the autobahns, we both clocked the 5,000 mile mark, so far!

Passing Munster and Essen, Duisburg has to be the most industrialised and unpleasant town I've ever seen! Factories for miles, ironwork as far as the eye can see; towers pumping out all manner of chemicals and clouds; enourmous barges navigating the Rhine; impressive in an anti-aesthetic sense, this is the heart of manufacturing and steel production, to service German industry.

Riding briefly through the Netherlands, we arrive in Belgium, stopping on the ring road outside Antwerp for a coffee. We chat to a couple of Dutch bikers on their way to northern France for a few days.

50k further and we arrive at the lovely boutique hotel, Ley has kindly reserved. Decanted and showered by 13h00, a chilled afternoon waiting for our other Lost Scout to join us...

We head out into Ghent for our last night and a well deserved drink! A pretty city of cobbles and canals, Ghent's well worth a visit. It's Carnival weekend, with thousands of people enjoying the streets and entertainment; some interesting sights?!... a fabulous atmousphere all round and amazing food at Amadeus!! A great last night out!

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