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Ghent, Belgium - UK

Homeward bound!

Unfortunately no photos on this final haul.  We enjoy a very comprehensive breakfast in Ghent, after packing the bikes for the last leg of the journey.  Checking out, all (now three) of us, ride out of the city; with a slight detour thanks to PP's navigation.

Joining the motorways to Calais, we have a clear run towards the Eurotunnel, a slight detour at the France / Belgium border for security checks. Transferring the reserve petrol into PP's tank 30 clicks from Calais, we decide we'll stick to the original crossing time of 11h50, giving SC the chance to do a little shopping.

Uneventful, the crossing is spent chatting with a GS rider from Hull that'd been to the Stella Alpina (an off-road climb over one of the highest alpine passes).  Aside from the fact that he said this year was full of trials bikes, he'd had a great trip. Much like the other riders we've encountered, he was amazed at the distance we'd covered in the time we had - not a bad achievement.

One benefit for those living in Kent, is their proximity to Folkestone.  The M20 was clear, but dull as ever; peeling off to take the clockwise route, SC and I had the delights of Sunday M25 40mph variable speed limits and traffic jams.  Filtering a little, we eventually cut our losses, diving off the motorway at Staines and enjoying the back roads, past Pinewood, Fulmer and Gerrards X home.

Final mileage - 5,425 miles!

An amazing and welcome BBQ awaited us in the evening (thanks girls)...recounting our adventure on a warm UK summer's evening!

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