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Off Road Skills

August 2017

A great drive down to the Brecons, via Oxford, Cheltenham and Gloucester, into Wales and onto Brecon before heading over the Black Mountain.

A quick drive by Touratech and ORS, before checking into the Abercrave Inn, our home for the next two nights...hoping the weather is going to be kind to us on the trails!

Day 1: Weather's pretty much thrown everything it can at us, as to be expected here in the Brecons. Great to be back into the level three exercises...

...whilst finding the mega-ruts a little more familiar, all six of us had to fight hard to get up one 900yd climb along a narrow tree lined trail, with roots adding some interesting obstacles!

Despite all being level 3, our steep starts left a little to be desired - maybe put it down to the conditions?! Skid turns and power slides were fun, as before...I had a fabulous centrifugal low side - a slide that unwittingly turned out to be a donut?!?

Hoping we'll be fit after a good night's sleep!!


Day 2: After a great first day at ORS, the gear just about dried overnight and we enjoyed the ride to Walters...

Unfortunately, early on my day two was limited a little, after flying into the trees and landing downhill under the GS on some tree stumps in the morning!?! Not my finest attempt at a hill climb!

Managed to get in a couple of preloads, before the leg seized up from swelling; all I could manage then was to gingerly take the fire trails, to watch the team practice their power-turns and camber work.

During the ride ride back to base, discovered that you can keep the leg completely straight on top of the cylinder head - who needs to cover the back break anyway?!?

Thanks to the whole team at ORS and all the great participants! Sympathy appreciated, crutch out of the loft when I got home; on the road to recovery after plenty of ice packs and elevation - should be limited to a few nasty bruises by the weeekend!!...


...two weeks later and still on the road to recovery; who'd have thought a dead leg and bruising could take so long to heal? Thank heavens for ibuprofen!

Shin bruising has pretty much disappeared, as has much of the pronounced swelling. Discomfort at night is moderate now and whilst there's still a reasonable restriction to movement, hopefully it'll be possible for physio to start next week.


Week 4 - physio underway and movement back...still a few bruises (no rhyme nor reason as to where these appear!); some swelling in the thigh; hopefully back on the bike within a fortnight!

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