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'...a nasty 'shock'...'

Having planned to head off to the coast on the bank holiday as a prelim to our weekend tour of Wales, all was not well...feeling every crack in the tarmac, my GSA was definitely struggling...

...abandoning the day out to Hastings, I limped the bike into Bahnstormer's Maidenhead the following morning to have the worst confirmed; the shock absorber had failed. More usual symptoms of a worn shock absorber include a 'wallowing' back end; in this instance, the opposite and the bike seemed to be 'bottoming out', severe vibrations passing up through the seat.

Diagnosis made...the prognosis is simple, a new unit. They're not cheap and as the BMW ESA a non-serviceable part, it's the entire unit. Toying briefly with the option of fitting a manually adjustable alternative, pound for pound the BMW OEM shock absorber is comparable, when you take into consideration the servicing costs of an Ohlins, or similar, that might provide a little more mileage.

My absorber had only covered 25k miles, which is on the low side. Anything above 30 and you're on your own, however in this instance, especially as the GSA is an Adventure bike built for mileage, the guys at Bhanstormer put in a request to BMW for a goodwill contribution.

I couldn't be happier. Not only did the team manage to pull 'rabbits out of hats' to source and replace the shock, around their hectic workshop schedule, BMW made a really signifiant contribution towards to the actual unit cost itself. I had to cover the fitting, a seized Akapovic exhaust clip, plus a percentage; though all-in, it cost a third of the potential repairs!

Most importantly, the guys got me on the road in time for a fabulous weekend trip to Wales!

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