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Touratech Travel Event

After several weeks of planning, and a 'shocking' experience in the preceding days (see earlier post) we headed to Neath, Wales, for this year's Touratech Travel event. A small oil level scare later, we had a great ride down through the Cotswolds, pleasantly surprised cross into Wales under blue skies...

...we made it 30 miles further, to the foot of the Brecons, before the rain began! We checked SC into his hotel and popped by what we thought was the Touratech store, only to discover there's a brand new Triumph skills centre in it's expense spared, the actual store is opposite, somewhat smaller than before.

It turns out the Nick Plumb is now not only the MD of Touratehc UK, also Managing Director at Triumph Global Adventure Training Academy!...we're watching this space as it's perceptibly in direct competition with Simon Pavey's BMW Off Road Skills.

Still loyal to BMW, we cannot fault the ORS team and all they've provided for us over the last couple of years. It turns out that PP knows one of the Triumph instructors and our only hope is that the two outfits complement one another in due course...there are enough of us Adventure enthusiasts to go around!

Heading on to the camp ground, fortunately a break in the clouds provided an opportunity within which we managed to get our tents up and sorted, just in time to make a dash for the Marquee before the heavens opened once again.

Only stopping the one night before journeying on, we had a good catch-up with a few participants, a couple of beers and some great curried chicken and chips before calling it a night. I'm certain those that stayed the whole weekend will have had fun trying out the KTMs and Triumphs on the circuits.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Cole

(Photo courtesy of Andrew Cole)

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