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Brecons to Snowdonia

Not the best night's sleep, a group of Germans paying no consideration to others, slamming van doors and shouting until 3am, at least the rain had stopped. What we had missed was some paramedics and an ambulance attending to one guy that had fallen in the river a cracked his head...hope he's recovering OK?!

We'd caught up with Andy and Dave of Clayfield Studios fame the evening before; turns out we were heading in the same direction and we joked about how we'd probably cross paths over the course of the day. A leisurely start, we packed down the camp, hooked up with SC for a coffee (he couldn't join us for the whole weekend) and jumped on the bikes, heading out for our ride to Snowdonia.

I take it back...Wales is not always raining! In fact, the weather was near perfect for the whole day. We crossed the Brecons on the Western pass (the best), watching out for roaming sheep and three energetic wild horses on the road...pulling over when we spotted Andy and Dave filming some drone footage. The boys followed us down the pass and towards Brecon, parting company at Llandovery.

Only looking for curvy roads when plotting the route, I hadn't clocked that we were travelling across the 'Devil's Staircase'...though we weren't disappointed...fabulous roads, all the way through mid-Wales, only to come across...

...Andy and Dave travelling in the opposite direction?! Whilst we had taken the small backroads north from Llandovery, it turns out that you can also cross to the 'Devil's Staircase' from further up the A483...jokes all round, we took the opportunity of another 15 minute pit stop before saying farewell a third time and continuing on!

(Photo courtesy of Andrew Cole)

More of the same, we made it to Aberystwyth for a late lunch of fish and chips before the final leg up to Snowdonia. All in all it was a long twisty day and we were definitely flagging when we covered the last twenty miles, only to discover the campsite we'd planned to stay at didn't exist?!? Snowdon Base Camp is for Duke of Edinburgh types, etc only!

Thanks to the team at the Rhyd Ddu Outdoor Centre, we were recommended a very welcome alternative - - very welcoming, great facilities and a lovely campground! After setting up camp, we strolled to nearby Bedgellert, for an amazing meal at Hebog Eat - Avoid the Prince Llewelyn at all costs - they're just rude obviously felt they'd made enough money that evening!

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