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UK to North Normandy

Heading over to meet PP at his, we made good time to the Eurotunnel, fortunately with no delays; pretty much straight on to our scheduled train and across to Calais. So efficient, there was no time for coffee at Folkestone so we paused straight away the other side for a caffeine fix.

To make it fair, we settled into a routine of each taking 50 miles to lead the way. With the routes pre-planned and synced, it makes it easy to switch, allowing sections to follow, relax and take in the views; others to focus on navigation and the route. Despite PP's best intentions to avoid motorways and tolls, his 'meticulous' planning led to some oversights and I seemed to get all the straight toll sections for my first few 50...ah well, lessons learned!

Pretty much great weather all the way, the skies greyed a little on the final leg and whilst we arrived in the dry, we'd encountered a little rain on the way in. Warm, the wet didn't hang around and we got the tents up in the dry before enjoying the amazingly pretty little campsite at Le Brevedent, Calvados. We can thoroughly recommend this site - it's got a lovely restaurant and bar, amazing facilities, set in a tree-lined valley just outside the National Park.

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