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A la Bordeaux

Getting up early and packing down quietly so as not to disturb the neighbours, PP had mapped an unpaved route out of the campground, around a field; one that SC tried his best to for what was to come?

Having made a good start, we headed down to a planned breakfast stop in Saint-Nazzaire - an early morning coffee at the famous WWII Submarine Bays. A slight detour from the route that we'd uploaded, with a little intuition, we found our way to the Bays without any wrong turns.

There are guided tours and a museum, neither of which we were too fussed about; as can be seen from the photos, the Bays are accessible without having to pay any entry. Coffee, croissants and a meander later, we headed back to the bikes and back onto the main route, southward bound for Bordeaux.

Perhaps the least interesting roads of the trip, we had to contend with a fair amount of French seaside traffic along the way...towns and roads more congested, filled with holiday makers and weekend shoppers.

We pushed on, eventually arriving at a planned ferry crossing in Blaye; that would have provided an alternative final route into Bordeaux. Unfortunately, we had just missed a crossing and after some deliberation, decided the 1.5 hours for the next crossing, wasn't worth the wait.

Not a problem, as it turned out the final 30 miles into Bordeaux, on the east bank of the estuary, were lined with Chateaux and vineyards...clear of traffic, a fantastic way to finish the day's ride. Arriving into our only planned hotel in Bordeaux centre, we explored the picturesque city streets in the evening, before finding a suitable restaurant in one of the many squares for a lovely meal.

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