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Over the Pyrenees

A pretty full day, we set out after a good breakfast, the heat already building by 09h00. Through the forest lined country lanes of Southern France, the mountains soon started to appear on our horizon. Arriving at the foot of the Pyrenees around 13h00, we started the climb into the foothills. Whilst it was around 30 degrees at the bottom, the temperatures rapidly dropped as we made our way.

PP's second plan for an off-road section failed at the first hurdle; the pass was closed!? We should be thankful for small mercies as he'd mapped a trail that, whilst taking us over an unpaved section into Spain, upon reflection it would have been simply too challenging whilst fully loaded with all our gear.

Unfortunately this did lead to a detour - an unplanned additional 100k. Nonetheless, the scenery was amazing (including the wildlife stood on the roads) - the landscape very green and colourful along the french elevations, before heading through the 5k border tunnel, down into a contrasting rocky and more aggressive Spanish landscape.

Temperatures began to climb into the low 30's...a trend for the remainder of the journey - the heat becoming a challenge in itself!

Upon arrival, PP and I found a shaded area for our camp and set-up the tents, decanting all the gear for the next three nights. SC decided he was better suited to the comfort of a cabin and disappeared to find one, before we all enjoyed a relaxing evening meal and well deserved beer.

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