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Not without it's own challenges, day 2 on the Isabena Enduros was far less costly...the benefit of riding hired trail bikes, as opposed to our own (the 'elephants', as Angel referred to them!). Whilst we'd asked Angel for slightly more modest trails, from those of our first day, this had been when we planned to use the GSAs; now were were on the lighter dirt-orientated machines, his eyes lit up, taking us up and along passes that were still pretty tricky and technical.

Some amazing views, after a couple of hours we headed for our final challenge; a mountain standing at 2,500 meters. The route to the 2,000 meter line was up approximately 60 narrow hairpin switchbacks, on loose rock and broken surfaces. More or less enough to exhaust us all, we paused at the top for a photograph or two before heading back down - I celebrated with a descent of wasn't my bike after all!

Getting back to Isabena, we had a couple of hours in which to unwind and recoup, before accompanying SC the 60 odd kilometres to get his tyre replaced. Temperatures peaked at around 37 degrees that afternoon and we found an air conditioned cafe which repairs were carried out. Very happy when, successfully having replaced the offending tyre, we all made it back for our final evening meal.

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