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An 'extended' day...

We wound our way north out of Carcassonne; SC had been the one that wished to visit Millau Bridge and as he was no longer joining us, we deviated a little from the original plan, heading straight up via Albi.

Roads were much more fun today, a good mix of curvy sections, with great tarmac, most importantly, very little traffic. Temperatures still high at around 32, every so often we would descend into forested areas with a welcome drop to circa 27/28. On one such occasion, around 100k from our intended finish, we spotted the most amazing campground beside a Chateau.

A little online research (after the fact) and we can assume this was Camping Château de Gibanel, a beautiful lakeside campground in Limousin. Tempted as we were, there was still a possibility that SC might hook up with us at our intended overnight destination, so we pushed on...with the benefit of hindsight, this would have been a great place to unwind.

PP had arranged tonight's 'accommodation' and despite all the best intentions, we rolled into the 'Les Combes' he had mapped, only to find that no campsite actually existed...ah a little disappointed that we hadn't stopped at Gibanel, we found a nearby fuel station to fill up, grab a coffee and make alternative plans.

Our next day was due to take us past Chateuxroux - we found a municipal site online (Camping Le Rochat) punched in the destination and agreed we'd stop sooner if a nice opportunity arose. No alternatives presented themselves and we rocked up at around 17h00, pretty hot and happy to climb out of our gear and set up for the night.

A little closer to the mileage of last year's Scandinavian Adventure, we had probably covered circa 350 miles, most of it off the beaten track. Deserving of a nice meal, despite the wasps, we had a really lovely evening at the local restaurant beside the lake, before getting a good night's rest.

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