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A final night at Les Andelys

In contrast to our previous day, we had very little mileage to cover 'en route' to Les Andelys, our planned final night in France. We spent a little time investigating options that might afford us a shorter final day, though anywhere of note would have meant too much of a deviation.

Settling for the shorter journey and organised destination, we packed down and were away from Chateauroux by around 08h00. Perhaps less exciting than other days, we still managed to find quiet roads and byways, with relatively little traffic. An uneventful journey saw us arrive on the Seine, at Les Andelys, by 12h30. A welcome shorter day and opportunity to get out of the gear before the temperatures got too much above 30.

Dominated by the imposing form of the emblematic Château-Gaillard Castle, the small town of Les Andelys, made up of two neighbourhoods that were once clearly separated, Petit-Andely and Grand-Andely, occupies one of the most remarkable sites in the Seine Valley.

Built in 1196 - in just one year! - by Richard the Lionheart, Duke of Normandy and King of England, with the aim of keeping watch over the valley and protecting the city of Rouen from the attacks of the King of France Philip Augustus, the hillside remains of the impressive medieval fortress of Château-Gaillard offer a superb view of the meanders of the Seine, flanked by limestone cliffs, and the picturesque riverbank of Petit-Andely. ...the famous siege and capture of the castle by Philip Augustus in 1203-1204...later signalled Normandy's attachment to France.

A swim and stroll towards Andelys, we managed to have an afternoon nap before the storms, that had been forecast, rolled in. For a short while PP thought he may 'end up in Kansas'; clicking his 'red heels' whilst battening down the hatches. For my part, I sat inside my very sturdy Scorpion tent and watched Netflix. Only high winds in the end, the worst weather seemed to pass to the north of us. It soon brightened up and to round it off, we had a pleasant pizza and long evening chat with a fellow biker form the UK, Andy.

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