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Day 1 of our epic adventure...

PP arrived at mine, dead on 06h30. Neither of us slept really well, too much anticipation as a result of having planned the trip for so many months. I’d already woken S at 05h30, switching in the engine to check suspension settings; she thought I was going to leave without saying farewell?!

Getting started nice and early allowed for a bite to eat and coffee at Folkestone. Train on time, we caught the 09h50 Eurotunnel to Calais as booked and had a carriage all to ourselves.

Unfortunately, the journey was spent mucking around with the intercom, as PPs unit has a dodgey mic connection.

Having travelled the length of Scandinavia without comms, we’re keen to get this sorted! Not only great for overtakes and directions, it’ll be valuable for border crossings.

Heading south-east, there‘s an amazing hillside ruin just outside Arras; skirting around Cambrai, we stopped for a coffee...ahead of finishing a really lovely 195 mile ride through the French countryside to our first night away beside Lac de Bairon, 50 miles north-east of Reims.

PP got to lead on the best roads, the final 50 miles into camp. Tents pitched (in the very warm sunshine...schoolboy error), it’s a great setting and with a restaurant on site, we’re staying local!

Great weather today may mean a warm night’s kip... Nonetheless, hoping the weather stays this good!

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