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to the Black Forest, Germany

Another great day‘s ride. Both slept quite well despite the very noisy local frogs that surround the lakeside. They soon fell silent when the dawn chorus stared and the birds awoke. Packed up and away at 09h00; already 22 degrees with the temperatures rising.

A little way in we found a Boulangerie for a welcome coffee and croissant (Mr P decided that two rather large cakes the favourable option?!?)...the baking couldn’t have been any fresher, straight out of the oven.

Heading East across northern France, the landscape changed from large arable fields, to livestock, on the surrounding hillsides; cows and calves shading in the trees. Past poppy fields, most towns have war memorials and cemeteries.

We pass into Lorraine, where we’re diverted and a sat Nav recalculation is prompted, ahead of miles upon miles of straight uninterrupted roads. All the while the temperature is steadily climbing. The landscape returns to rolling corn fields.

PP’s turn out front; we cut the northern corner of the Vosges region through a few twisties; though, owing to the Sat Nav recalculation, we’re a on a slightly different route from that planned. We can see the Black Forest on the distant horizon.

Close by here in the summer of 2016 on our way to the Alps, the plan is that we'll return to the Vosges on our penultimate night - to PP’s '3 pizzas' Campsite.

Today, our amended route took us into Strasbourg itself, in 29 degree heat. pretty architecture would have been more appreciable if it weren’t for the sheer quantity of traffic lights..even despite the mesh jackets for ventilation, we were happy to see the back of the city; out onto the valley road after crossing into Germany.

230 miles in total, arriving in the Black Forest for our 2nd night; a lovey campsite with amazing showers and a great restaurant.

Washing done, breakfast rolls ordered, time for a ‘light’ bite and beer (it’d be rude not to!).

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