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to Munich, Bavaria

Onwards into Bavaria and to Munich.

A great night’s sleep, the best part of 7 hours...though still up just before 06h00, to start packing down. Breakfast croissants ordered, the plan was to be away soon after 07h30, to arrive into Munich, in good time to get a new comms unit for PP.

Lots of traffic to start the day, as we rode the valley roads through the Black Forest...fortunately a few sets of works, meant we could filter our way to the front each time and enjoy traffic free blasts up the winding valley roads.

Up dual carriageway hairpins, we headed out into the flatter farmland countryside, turning off the main drag onto quieter back roads.

Fast, great tarmac and gentle bends, made for a thoroughly great day’s riding. Temperatures, whilst a little cooler to start, steadily rose into the high twenties. I’d forgotten just how beautiful Bavaria is; enormous fields, interspersed with clean, tidy and pretty villages; orthodox style churches, with their domed towers, visible from village to village. One brief stop and we found a little log lodge with some interesting decoration...

Several detours for roadworks today, though well signposted and not too far off the route; we stuck to the main trip as planned. Stopping for a coffee around 11h00, we kept motoring, arriving into Munich at around 13h00 as hoped.

A little online research over the past day and a suitable store had been located for PP’s replacement comm unit; near enough to our campsite that it wasn’t a major deviation. Success...within minutes PP had found and replaced the dodgy elements...regrettably, I now have to listen to him for the next three weeks!?!

A short ride to the campsite, they let us pitch around 14h30, ahead of checking in. Not the cheapest nor the best appointed, the campsite is nonetheless close to the city... We received a nice gift from our neighbours, who are setting up stall for an environmental festival at the Olympiapark...

Clothes hung out to dry as the dew overnight meant they’re still damp. Time to chill a little this afternoon in the sunshine, ahead of a shower and...

...a ride out to show PP my great uncle’s house on the Bavaria-ring, followed by a bite to eat in a nearby beer garden (smoked mackerel for me and sausage for PP - soft drinks for us both of course!).

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