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to Budapest, Hungary (via Bratislava, Slovakia)

A morning coffee in Vienna; Brunch in Bratislava; then onto Budapest...

Well, it’s been 24 hrs with a few challenges...

First, last night I received a scam text that looks like someone has hacked my credit card login; speaking with the fraud team late in the evening, being bitten by mosquitos. we’ve suspended the account. Changed details on other accounts to be safe and hope I can remember the new passcodes?!?

A remarkably good night’s sleep, the second challenge is that we awoke with the sun beating down and the temperatures already in the twenties. Making an early start we didn’t stop for breakfast and headed for an hour into Vienna...

...first stop was my family home, built by my great grandfather; we decided not to tour too much and a couple of sights later, we hit the drag out of town, eventually stopping at an air conditioned fast food chain for a coffee and croissant!

Now with heat in the mid thirties, we journeyed onto Bratislava...the third challenge, which will be ongoing, is that my Sat Nav said to simply ’leave the road‘ at the border...turns out I don’t have maps for the eastern block countries...a schoolboy error, I’d assumed the Europe wide map would have been ok, though the basic version only has the main arteries...

no no options to upload new maps without a computer hook up...oh well, a lot of Following PP for the next week and a half!?!

We used to manage without satellites and comms and I navigated our way into Bratislava for a quick tour and coffee. Definitely city worth revisiting for a long weekend, very pretty and the historic centre looks really lovely!

ironically, the real issues were following PP’s routes on the way out, that insisted on taking a road that hadn’t been built yet!

The downside now is that we’re following the route on one unit, the upside is that I can relax and look out for photo opps!

Crossing into Hungary, the landscape doesn’t give much away. Some of the larger towns have impressive buildings, though in the countryside there are simply fields...a lack of farm houses or any dwellings. I guess that in the soviet era, farming was more feudal / communal, managed from the small towns and villages. We’ve past plenty of signs that display a ‘horse and cart’ though haven’t witnessed any first hand yet.

Nothing exciting on the ride into Budapest, lots of straight roads and rising temperatures ... up to 36 today!!!

We’re staying at a quirky, quaint, if a little basic campsite, just outside the city. An old team station, it’s got tonnes of character (as well as a few extraordinary creepy crawlers?!).

Rather than riding out into the city this evening, we’ve opted to take a chair lift beside the campsite to the top of the mountain with views of Budapest in the distance... we’re on the hunt for some sights, some food....hopefully a route home?!? took and hour to walk down; not without some fear of getting lost in the forest,

though lots of local joggers to point us in roughly the right direction.

Arriving safely at the bottom, we found a small convenience store for a modest feast back at camp (rolls, cheese, marmite, hams, crisps...a veritable picnic!). Into the historic capital tomorrow, before journeying on to Serbia and Belgrade!!

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