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to Arges, Romania

More twists and turns in Transylvania...

Discovering first thing that the Transfagarian Pass may still be closed from the winter...with time, we decide to to give it a go anyway. Scratching the trip into Sibiu, PP takes the lead...

After 50km it’s becoming obvious that the Sat Nav is taking us through a gorge and not over the top?...pulling over for a coffee, we discover the Sat Nav has taken us due west of the pass.

We decide to push on to tonight’s campsite anyway, arriving around midday, check in, decant the bikes and head up the pass from the southern elevation instead...we’re staying at another great site, this time it’s a motorcycle enduro centre also.

Stopping for fuel only, we’re at the top of the pass by midday and what a ride there and over the top. It’s cooler today anyway..mid twenties...though at the top it’s 6 degrees!..heated grips on! Stopping for lots of pics, a group of boy racers from the UK pull over and say hi in their stickered rally cars.

We head back over, doing the Transfagurian from both directions, stopping for a few more pics on the way down. Towards the bottom, near the Dam, there’s some cars stopped in the road...we glance to our left and 10 yards away is a Bear sat at the side of the road staring at us! While the idea of a photo opp may have been great, I suggest to PP that, without the protection of a car, it may be wise to move on; so no photos I’m afraid!

Stopping en route for an early evening meal, we grab a couple of beers to join the other motorcyclists at the campsite.

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