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to Drajizhevo, Bulgaria (via Bucharest, Romania)

We felt like we couldn't pass by Bucharest without venturing in for a coffee; then crossing into Bulgaria on our journey southwards.

Brunch in Bucharest...

Although very welcoming and hospitable, last night’s camp was also very noisy; not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Temperatures dropped so, up early, we packed away and we’re on the road by 07h50.

Pitesti was the first major town, pretty utilitarian. The next 40 km saw us pass through some less attractive towns and villages; run down and I noticed, none of them have pavements...the locals (generally elderly with weather beaten faces) simply walk along the roadside.

Gaesti, on the other hand, is tree lined, we’ll Kaprow and picturesque, maybe a sign that your heading to the Capital?!..

PP turned right at this point, which didn’t seem right. I pulled us over and discovered his Sat Nav was routing us around Bucharest. We hopped on the next main artery (a motorway) and headed in...a little making it up as we went along, we found the very impressive Palace of Parliament, before riding down a fountain lined boulevard, to a great little coffee stop in the city beside the river.

A little way out of the city and I took the lead to the Bulgarian border. A pretty large check point, at Ruse, like true Brits we got in line...until a friendly biker said we could filter. Thankfully, as it would have taken over a couple of hours otherwise; instead, only around 30 minutes. Replaced with our paperwork, we were soon on our way.

Bulgaria is beautiful; rolling hills and forests, mountains in the distance. We’re staying at a camp owned by a British couple, Nick and Nicky, who’ve had it purpose built in 2007-9, with a pool that the locals can enjoy as well as guests.

It’s a lovely setting that they found when on their own travels in 2005. We were settled shortly after 16h00 and Nicky kindly took in a full wash of our gear, to be returned by 21h30...

Enjoying the pool and their on-site restaurant, we need to relax before making an early start in the morning - 375 miles, via Plovdiv, to the Greek coast near Thessaloniki...

With temperatures due to soar once again, we’ve added one additional hotel here to cool down over what promises to be a pretty hot 12 hours in the saddle!

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