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to Stelvio, Italy

Through the Dolmites, into the Alps....a night outside in Stelvio and looking forward to climbing the 'pass' in the morning!

Out into the Italian countryside. Beside the sea at first, onwards through picturesque little villages, climbing over some hills into a valley of vineyards and sunflower fields.

Then we blast through some industrial heartlands and out the other side...all the while with the impressive Dolomites mountains in our front view.

Stopping for a lovely croissant and cappuccino at the foot of the mountains, it was then 150 miles of mountain speak a thousand words:

Met up with SC who’s joined us for the last few days (from the UK via Metz and Munich). After a couple of welcome beers at the campsite in Stelvio, we took a short stroll to a local restaurant, beside a lake with some ducklings, for a lovely pizza and evening walk back to the tents.

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