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to Les Reflets, France

A pleasant night in Switzerland, our penultimate full riding planned to take a reverse route, of that we took three years ago, through the Voges region. Great forested twists and amazing views. Unfortunately....

A slightly later start as the croissants at camp were ordered for 08h00; we pulled out around 08h45, onto the Swiss lowlands, around several lakes. Weather not quite as bright, we set off across the hills of north western Switzerland and towards the French border.

Larger industrial towns in the rear view, we progress into the countryside and up into the hills, pulling over for a quick coffee at Oensingen, around 30 miles from the border.

At this point SC decided he’d rather take a faster route and peeled off to organise pitches and dinner for when we arrive.

PP and I found some great mini-passes out of Switzerland into Alsace, whet after we skittered around Belfort.

Just after we left the town heading north, there was a Gendarmerie road block; they waived us through and we started the great roads and twisties up into the Vosges; only to find....

...our way blocked by further officers at he top. Resetting the Sat Navs for an alternative route, we. And back down the hairpins to a town called Masevaux.

In need of a coffee we stopped at a cafe and what should be on the telly...we had very nearly joined the Tour de France on our motorcylces. All the locals were transfixed to the telly.

Moreover, our way was then blocked in the town as the race was literally passing through!...we had to push the route out even further...this time to catch the autoroute, pushing on to Colmar, before cutting back in.

A bit upset that we were turned around as I’m sure one of us would have won the Yellow Jersey!!

Continuing on for another 60 miles, we arrived at the camp, meeting up with SC in time to pitch ahead of our 19h00 pre-booked dinner. We’re stopping at a fabulous Campsite where PP previously demolished three pizzas in one night; maybe we'll be a little more reserved this time?!

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