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to Vitznau, Switzerland (via Liechtenstein)

Liechtenstein for lunch, our afternoon ride took us over another fantastic pass - the Klausenstrasse in Switzerland - before camping beside the lake, south-east of Lucerne.

Up at six, packing down in time for breakfast, I did a quick check online and the Umbrail Pass, off Stelvio, is still closed until the end of today. Meaning we’d have to drop all the way down to Bormio, adding an extra 2 hours to today’s journey, I made an exec decision to defer the pass to another trip.

It’s not as though we haven’t found enough twisties over the past two and a half weeks and with the Klausenstrasse to look forward, foregoing lots of busy hairpins isn’t too much of a heartache.

SC has already mentioned he was keen to try a short ‘vehicle train’ from Scush / Lavin (on the route) so, after breakfast of rolls and marmalade, we all headed out at 08h30.

Beautiful sedate twisties take us quickly into Switzerland (country number 17), then up and over Ofenpass, with beautiful views from the top.

Descending, Phil’s oil warning light comes up, so at the bottom, we check the levels and top up both bikes whilst grabbing a coffee. It does make a noticeable difference and we suspect the heat has played a large part to play.

We arrive for the train (cattle wagon) two minutes before the 10h50 departure...and setting off straight away, what fun. Noisy and windy, I threw in my helmet and earplugs half way through.

It was a really great and different experience and whilst it may not have actually made up any time, travelling one short section, rather than round a mountain, it was an experience not to be missed!!

Onward to Liechtenstein arriving just after midday ... 18 countries in 18 days!!

A light lunch at around 12h30, we decide to ride up to Vaduz whilst we’re here; parking the bikes and stopping at Buro Brasserie.

Back to the bikes and a lovely early afternoon ride alongside Walensee; turning left and onwards towards Klausenstrasse, a most beautiful Swiss mountain pass, rising to just under 2,000 meters.

Then back on the bikes for another 100 miles into Vitznau, on the eastern banks of Lac Lucerne, to a lovely campsite above the lake; with pool and breakfast organised for 08h00 tomorrow morning.

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