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return to the UK...

Just as well I checked the crossing times as the evening before, we were all set to get up at the crack of dawn and arrive to the Eurotunnel three hours early.

As it was, we were heading out at 07h00, enough time for a couple of coffee stops along the fast ride up the Autoroute, to make our crossing from Calais. Very busy at the entry, to avoid any rushing, we opted to stick with our crossing time of 12h50, grabbing a coffee and a baguette.

Unfortunately our train was then 35 minutes late departing, just at the point we were really ready for the last leg home. Returning to poor roads, poor road discipline, awful driving and the usual congestion, my Sat Nav recommended I take the counter-clock route round the M25...

PP and I sticking together until he finally pulled off at Junction 21, me riding the last 20 miles home, solo...not too deflating as we all hooked up for a lovely meal at SC’s in the evening to reminisce.

3 weeks (22 days) away; 18 countries in 18 days; almost as far Eastwards as Europe will take us.

Heading back with fabulous memories of our adventure; 4,933 miles, delivering a real variety of great countries, towns and cities, fantastic roads, amazing people, fun border crossings, stamps in passports, fab food and good times!

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