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Alps - Reims

Striking camp, loading the bikes and heading northwards out of the Alps, all six rode towards Annecy, stopping for croissants and coffees at a lovely local Boulangerie.

Scott chose to split from the group in favour of motorways, and the other five started their journey back down through the foothills, and into the french countryside. Some great roads and routing as far as Troyes, the final 200km was a little more utilitarian - dual carriageways in 35 degree heat.

A long day's ride to Reims took it's toll and at one point Phil lost concentration, and after a near miss with JP, a necessary rest stop, preceded a long diversion, before rejoining the mapped route, the last road into Reims. Arriving in the city centre, 11 hours after setting out, a little 'heated' navigation eventually found the hotel, sweating through the bike gear and gasping for water, all five checked in at the Mercure, city centre…

Hooking up with Scott who had arrived a couple of hours earlier, the last night out was at a pub under the cathedral. The food wasn't the greatest, though the setting was nice and at least the team had hotel beds for a final night's sleep.

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