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Col d’Isere

A round trip, anti-clockwise, approaching d’Isere from the south, before summiting the mountain, and dropping back down to Bourg-Saint-Maurice… Scott and Tom decided to take the day off, popping into Annecy to check over Scott's bike, whilst the other four (group ride-out reduced to JP, Phil, Oli and Tanuj) set-off up to Val d'sere.

The weather a little more overcast in the morning, some spots of rain determined that a fuel stop be extended to check the bikes' oil levels also; before starting up the south elevation of d'Isere. At the summit, it was much cooler and after a series of photos were taken, we descended into La Fornet, JP outlining where all the different ski slopes were mapped in the winter season (JP and Oli both having skied Val d'Isere).

Just below the town, a Gendarme rerouted the team along the older road on the other side of the valley, to be met by a line of traffic. There'd been a serious RTA and all four waited with a growing line of impatient motorists, whilst an air-ambulance flew in. 45 minutes later the road was clear to pass, though the journey down to Bourg in a line of cars and trucks was slow and hot.

Rising out the other side of the valley, the roads opened up into twists and switchbacks, the four enjoying a great afternoon / evening ride into camp, before joining Scott and Tom for another meal and beers at the bar. Scott and Tom suggested we shorten the following day's plan to visit Mont Blanc, and Phil spent the evening looking at alternative routes....

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