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Mont Blanc

...after some time looking at alternative routes the evening before, Phil came to the conclusion that JPs original route would still be preferable (not much time saved overall). Nonetheless, Scott and Tom decided they would benefit from a more straightforward ride and opted for a simpler route to Mont Blanc, through the tunnel and back, avoiding the mountain passes.

JP, Phil, Oli and Tanuj took the original route, heading out past Bourg, winding out of the town, up and over the pass, stoping for a picnic just inside the Italian border, with Mont Blanc to their left. Dropping into Courmayeur, the four followed three (very proficient) Swiss girls on sports bikes around the hairpins; the ride was 'enjoyable'. Then through the 12km (7.5m) tunnel, to Chamonix for well-need ice cream.

Then a pleasant afternoon's ride back to Annecy around alpine farm roads…. in the evening time didn't allow (nor the heat) for a meal in Annecy, and as all had enjoyed the campsite restaurant and bar the preceding two nights, after a quick swim in the pool, the final night's camping was preceded by another nice round of drinks and food.

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