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Carving when the roads gets curvy; kicking up a little dust when enjoying some dirt trails. Seizing opportunities to explore the UK, Europe and beyond, developing skills in photography & filming; working out what equipment works best; technical, bike related and gear to stay in the outdoors.



Over 25 years in the film industry working as a location manager and professional photographer, JP has always taken every opportunity to enjoy time on motorcycles, on assignments and in his free time.


After an accidental solo excursion 'off road' in 2015, through the forests of Provence, he's now re-read the manual for the GS Adventure & figured out when to select 'unpaved' on his Sat Nav! 


Level 3 ORS, JP is now more comfortable on trails, though Spanish 'billy goat' jumps on a GSAdventure bike require a little more skill & practice at preloading & landing!


Working for major Studios for 20 years, proficient in all things technical & ICT, Phil's great a wiring various gadgets to the bikes for adventures.


Switching up from his 2006 GSA, Phil's now on his fourth GSA, a 2020 1250 GSAdventure with pretty much every 'bell & whistle'.  Watch out as whilst PP's a Level 3 ORS rider, he's prone to spilling coffee on his mates' Apple keyboards.


A passion for 'twisties' & exploring new places; together with JP, they've camped their way across the European continent, from Norkapp to Macedonia.


Who'd have thought Scott would have waived farewell to 'sports' bikes...  Level 2 ORS, on his third GSA, his latest being BMW R1250 GSAdventure, he's converted!


SC may have been less convinced over the enjoyment of sleeping under canvas, though having tried every piece of kit available, he's got all the necessary experience to advise on what works best for him.


Together with the rest of the team, forays into the countryside take place most weekends throughout the year.


Tom (Senior)

GSA 1200 LC 2016 ('jizz' White)


Royal Enfield (Indian knock-off)


Triumph Bobber (2 mile range)



GSA 1200 LC 2014 (Olive / Black)


GSA 1200 LC 214 (Olive)

Tom (Junior)

GSA 1200 Oil Cooled 2010 (Silver)



GSA R1250 LC (Amazon vans permitting)


GSA 1250 LC 2021 (Rally)


GSA 1250 LC 2020 (Rally)

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